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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most effective methods for marketing your company and generating new business! RelidyPro's Email Marketing service is one of the most powerful and robust yet easy-to-use system with many premium features usually only found on much more expensive systems. With powerful premium features like Inbox Analysis, Social Sharing, Advanced Reporting, and industry leading Email Deliverability, Our Email Marketing service offers features as standard what many other services charge premium prices for.

Features Overview

RelidyPro Email Creation

Create and Send Email Campaigns
Create and send email newsletters to your subscriber lists with ease, speed and creativity. Comes with an array of tools for beginners and experts.

  RelidyPro Email Deliverability

Every email marketers understands the importance of email deliverability. We make it our top priority to get your email marketing into the inbox.

 RelidyPro Email Inbox Analysis

Inbox Analysis
Check your campaign design and content against email clients and spam filters. See an actual rendering of your email in up to 30 different email clients.

   RelidyPro Email Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics Integration
Track conversions and revenue from each email campaign inside your email marketing reports and on your Google Analytics dashboard.

 RelidyPro Email List Management

List Management
We manage all your email marketing lists automatically. You'll never have to worry about unsubscribes, bounces or subscriptions.

   RelidyPro Email List Personalization

List Personalization
Get personal with all sorts of cool ways to segment and target your lists with custom content, offers and promotions: dynamically and automatically.

 RelidyPro Message Quality Score

Message Quality Score
A free spam check that scans your HTML and copy and provides you with a comprehensive numerical grade that reflects the likelihood of triggering a spam filter.

   RelidyPro Email Reporting

See exactly who opened, clicked, bounced, unsubscribed and more. You'll never pay for extra reporting. We give you all the data you need to measure the success of your campaign.

 RelidyPro Email Triggered Emails

Triggered Emails
Send welcome emails, drip campaigns and happy birthday messages with our powerful triggered email tool.

   RelidyPro Email Easy Cast

Easy Cast
Create, send and track email marketing using your own email client. You still get all the great reporting of our web-based interface.

 RelidyPro Email Social Sharing

Social Sharing
Email is social too. Automatically tweet your campaigns and enable your subscribers to share your content across social media sites.

   RelidyPro Email Multiple Users

Multiple Users
Every Email Marketing account has three logins at no charge. You can add more and provide each user with a different set of permissions.


Contact Us to learn how to create effective email campaigns and drive engagement and revenue with our email marketing software tools. Our email platform is designed to help you increase your ROI and drive performance.