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Catalog Design and Production

RelidyPro offers its clients comprehensive catalog design, production, and fulfillment services. We have the expertise, staff, and equipment to take any size catalog project from start to finish. We offer a single source solution that includes planning, creative art direction, product photography, database integration, e-commerce integration, printing and mailing services.

Design Services

Our design services include the following:

  • Catalog design and layout
  • Creative concept and art direction
  • Database design and integration
  • Product photography
  • Online catalog presentation
  • E-commerce integration
  • Content copy writing
  • Prepress preparation
  • Production printing
  • Mailing and distribution
  • List management
  • Tracking and analysis

Catalog Investment

Designing, printing, and distributing a catalog can be a significant investment. The cost of designing the catalog is often the smallest but most important portion of a successful catalog. An effective design can often determine how quickly sales are boosted and profits grow. Our creative team will work with you to maximize your catalog design with the right message and imagery to properly position your company in the marketplace.

Production and Distribution

Printing and distribution is often the largest expense of any catalog project. Our team will source just the right printer who can produce the effects and features of the catalog design while minimizing your costs. We also offer mailing services that including list management services, catalog mailing preparation, and bulk rate mailing services. We can also drop ship your catalogs to your next trade show or just to your facility.

Contact Us for a quote on your next catalog project and we will help you maximize your investment.