Co-Op Programs

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Co-Op Programs

Co-op programs can be a very cost effective method for a manufacturer to advertise directly to the end customer without having to run an expensive high profile national campaign. The co-op helps subsidize the dealer/retailer marketing efforts thereby increasing sales. RelidyPro can setup and manage several different types of co-op programs. For Example:

Co-operative Advertising Programs

The dealer/retailer runs a local advertising campaign in cooperation with the manufacturer using pre-developed content and materials. Co-operative Advertising Programs could include pre-designed mailers, adverts, billboards, or newspaper inserts. RelidyPro would design the materials, and then manage the printing, mailing, or display of these materials.

Market Development Programs

The manufacturer provides promotional funds to the dealer/retailer for approved marketing efforts. Often Market Development Programs are linked to the sales volume of the dealer/retailer. RelidyPro can manage the promotional funds available for each client and ensure that the manufacture's branding and message is consistent and meets all guidelines.

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