Reward Programs

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Reward Programs

Receiving perks and rewards can be a large motivating factor. RelidyPro has worked with companies to help them incentivise dealers to purchase their products versus a competitors. For Example:

New Product Launch Reward Points

Program developed for a speaker manufacturer to help launch a new model line. Dealers would receive points for each speaker they purchased. At the end of the six month campaign, these points could be cashed in for a large range of prizes. Top prize was a fabulous vacation for 2 to a Caribbean island. Additional prizes ranged from a full marketing package to websites to tri-fold brochures and business cards. Program was very successful with the sales of the new speaker line exceeding all forecasts.

Premium Dealer Reward Program

Reward program for dealers who met predetermined sale volumes. Program was divided into 4 tiers, the first tier rewarded the dealer with a year of eNewsletter Marketing to their clients. Dealers who achieved Tier 2 received 25 work shirts embroidered with both the dealer logo and the manufacturer's logo. Tier 3 added a custom designed tri-fold brochure and a 1000 printed copies. And finally Tier 4 dealers could choose between a custom designed Identity Website package or a custom designed 8-page brochure and 500 printed copies. The manufacturer saw a 37% increase in sales over course of the first year of the program.

Custom Reward Programs

Contact Us today to get started developing a Rewards Program specifically tailored to your company and products.