About RelidyPro

Who is RelidyPro?

RelidyPro is the natural extension of where we began in 2008 with our name "Resources for LifeStyle Design" or Relidy; with, new resources committed in building the influence of and partnering with industry associations, manufacturers, manufacturers representatives, distributors and all respective market partners. This commitment includes specific new personnel, efforts and expertise - in this era of global supply chain initiatives and strategies - for creating cohesive branding, logo creation and strategic planting and growing of manufacturers and products within - and, outside - the North American market.  

World-wide redundancy of servers and international cultural awareness are among the unique capabilities inherent within Relidy; including, our own code writers, senior HTML and Graphics personnel and special attention provided to our unique web security protection.  This unique protection - utilizing web, email and web-editing server segregation - is critically important for all larger manufacturer and more complex web sites.     

Relidy Pro represents your best new solution for bringing a P&L responsible balancing of cohesive brand messaging and awareness, and key product information; regardless, of the quantity and complexity of your product lines and company's offerings.